"Wenn die Worte nicht stimmen, dann ist das Gesagte nicht das Gemeinte."




"Vera hat die Online-Kurse während der Corona-Zeit sehr interessant gestaltet." (Hilda B., Assistant)

"Seit ich bei Vera Englisch lerne, kann ich mich mit meinen indischen Kollegen/innen gut unterhalten." (Gabi Sido, Technische Angestellte)

"Seit ich am Kurs teilnehme, habe ich mehrere Telefongespräche mit Lieferanten erfolgreich auf Englisch geführt." (Claudia M., Demand-Planner Logistik)

"Prima di iniziare le lezioni con la Signora Tillner ero molto pessimista perché per me il tedesco è molto difficile. Grazie a Lei ho acquisito, oltre le nozioni necessarie e le basi per imparare la lingua, anche tanta motivazione e stimoli. È una persona molto competente, gentile e puntuale. Consiglio caldamente le sue lezioni a tutti, soprattutto a chi,come me, ha difficoltà con le lingue straniere." (Giovanni Salis, Schweiz)

"A wonderful teacher, can't praise her enough. She has made learning fun and interesting all at the same time. I would certainly go to her again if I needed to. Amazing. xxxxxxxxxx" (Janette Kemp, Großbritannien)

"I have studied German with Vera Tillner for 8 months now and it have been an wonderful learning experience. I did not know a word of German but that was no problem, we started with the basics and worked towards the more advanced stuff. I had all classes via online meetings which worked really good and was very convinient. I can truly say that I deeply recomend Tillner Sprachendienst to anyone who want to learn quickly and effectively." (KimRobin Ahlgren, Schweden)

"Ms Tillner is a qualified professional who tailored lessons to my individual needs. She coached me well and pointed out my strengths as well as making me aware of my weaknesses in the language. Outstanding!" (Michelle Kremser, Stuttgart)